Guest Post:10 Great Sites for Satellite Maps

Guest Post by Josephine Chadwick

If you’re planning a road trip, checking the weather, or just looking for bird’s-eye view photography, there are some excellent internet sources for just what you need. The following are 10 great sites for satellite maps.
Google Maps – Google provides the ability to map a location by street address. You can also get to-and-from driving directions here, create personalized maps via the My Maps feature.

Google Earth – Here, you can really get serious with satellite imagery, and even see street level views of many locations. This site requires that you download the Google Earth program. Pro version includes such additional features as GIS, traffic and demographic data.
National Geographic – MapMachine puts an online atlas at your disposal. Input a street address and get a road map, satellite, bird’s eye, or 3D view. Awesome graphics and details.
Flash Earth – Powered by Microsoft, and using NASA imagery, this site allows you to click and drag a satellite image of earth to specific lat and long positions, then zoom in for a closer look in stunning detail.
Bing – Bing Maps allows you to select between Road and Bird’s-eye views. . The former will yield a map with streets while the latter will render the location from an aerial photo view. Automatic mode will select the appropriate view based on the level of zoom selected by the user.
TerraFly Geared specifically for industries such as Real Estate, Travel, Government, Educational and Insurance , TerraFly provides demographic data, topographic maps, and photo cards for business use. Custom overlays, satellite photography and posters are also available services.
Visible Earth – A catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet, this site categorizes its vast catalog by geographic region, topic (eg. Agriculture, biosphere, land surface) and sensors, among others.
Yahoo – Rendered in Map, Satellite, or Hybrid mode, Yahoo includes a Real Time Traffic feature indicating incidents and traffic speed for the traveler, with a time stamp. Also provides driving directions to and from user-specified destinations.
USGS – U.S. Geological Survey Earth Explorer, allows you to input locations by address, LAT/LONG coordinates, even dates. Data sets to search for include aerial photo mosaics, space acquired photography. Users, when logged in to the site, can specify additional search criteria, then select the results tab to view the corresponding imagery from the extensive archives.
The Weather Channel – Get maps for planning outdoor activities, with health and safety alerts or weather details; global or regional. Aviation maps, airport delays; satellite and radar imagery.



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