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Exotic Super-Earth:Densest Known Rocky Planet

An international team of astronomers have revealed details of a “super-exotic” exoplanet that would make the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar pale in comparison.The planet, named 55 Cancri e, is 60 percent larger in diameter than Earth but eight … Continue reading

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Tracking Tornadoes in Real Time

Wednesday’s tornadic supercell storms that killed upwards of 280 people in a wind-driven rampage across the Midwestern United States is the first of its caliber to have been forecasted and monitored through its progression with such first-hand accounts and eyes-in-the-sky … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Collapse can be Predicted

Researchers monitoring complex signals emanating from a remote Wisconsin lake have detected what they say is an unmistakable warning — a death knell — of the impending collapse of the lake’s aquatic ecosystem. Researchers have found that models used to assess … Continue reading

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Urban Sprawl is Finished:Rising Oil Prices Will Turn Suburbs into Remote Slums

Many predict oil prices to start rising in just a few years. Even the US military says that we could start seeing massive shortages of oil as soon as 2015. Such shortages would not only effect the products we buy … Continue reading

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