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Puncak Jaya is Dying

In Indonesia, one of the world’s last tropical glaciers is dying. Perched atop the 16,000-foot peak Puncak Jaya in Papua province, the glacier has shrunk in size by 80 percent since 1936, and most of that since the 1970s. The … Continue reading

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Josh Fox’s “Gasland”-A Timely Warning About Our Policies

Guest Post by Alexis Bonari While preserving the natural beauty of the planet and preserving animal life for future generations should be reason enough to encourage planet-friendly policies, the human cost is also prohibitive. In this timely documentary and 2010 … Continue reading

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What’s the Point Visiting an Asteroid at Exorbitant Cost

Recently, President Obama spoke at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to announce his new proposed direction for the US space agency: skip the moon, send man to a near-Earth asteroid (NEO) by the mid 2020’s and use this new technological … Continue reading

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