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Protected Alaska Habitat for Polar Bears

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  proposes that 200,000 square miles (518,000 sq km) of coastline and shallow Arctic Ocean waters be designated as critical habitat for threatened polar bear. The area, which would be the largest ever designated for an … Continue reading

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Phytochemicals In Plant-based Foods Could Reduce your Fat

Eating more plant-based foods, which are rich in substances called phytochemicals, seems to prevent oxidative stress in the body, a process associated with obesity and the onset of disease, according to findings published online in  Journal of Human Nutrition and … Continue reading

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NASA Advised to Skip Moon Mission

NASA needs to make a major detour on its grand plans to return astronauts to the moon, a special independent panel is telling the White House.NASA has picked the wrong destination with the wrong rocket, the panel’s chairman said . … Continue reading

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Humans ARE Still Evolving

Although advances in medical care have improved standards of living over time, humans aren’t entirely sheltered from the forces of natural selection, a new study shows.It was thought that because medicine has been so good at reducing mortality rates, that … Continue reading

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