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First Shark Sanctuary Created

The world’s first shark sanctuary will protect the declining fish in waters off the tiny island republic of Palau. Located roughly 500 miles (805 kilometers) east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean, Palau is made up of about 200 small … Continue reading

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Climate Changes Outpacing Worst-case Projections

Global temperatures may be 4 degrees Celsius hotter by the mid-2050s if current greenhouse gas emissions trends continue, said a study published by Britain’s Met Office Hadley Center, echoed a U.N. report last week which found that climate changes were … Continue reading

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NASA Spitzer Telescope “Sees” Birth of Planet

A newly released paper from NASA shows something astronomers have long postulated, but never observed. Astronomers witnessed odd behavior around a young star. Something, perhaps another star or a planet, appears to be pushing a clump of planet-forming material around. … Continue reading

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Water on the Moon

Shattering a long-held belief that Earth’s moon is a dead and dry world, a trio of spacecraft uncovered clear evidence of water and hydrogen-oxygen molecules throughout the lunar surface.Aside from scientific interest, finding water on the moon could impact plans … Continue reading

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