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Time Tested Ancient Water Harvesting Systems In India

India was a cradle of civilization in the ancient world. An interesting feature of all ancient civilization was that its inhabitants realised the tremendous value of water in human life. Each of these civilizations was located on the banks of … Continue reading

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Indian space programme budget up Substantially

India’s human space flight programme got a major boost as the General Budget  proposed a significant allocation to it and also sought increase in funds for setting up an indigenous global positioning system.The Budget, presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee … Continue reading

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Water on the Moon

Shattering a long-held belief that Earth’s moon is a dead and dry world, a trio of spacecraft uncovered clear evidence of water and hydrogen-oxygen molecules throughout the lunar surface.Aside from scientific interest, finding water on the moon could impact plans … Continue reading

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India loses contact with its first moon mission

India has lost all contact with an unmanned spacecraft conducting its first moon mission, the national space agency said on Saturday.Communications with the Chandrayaan-1 craft broke down early on Saturday. “It is a serious problem. If we do not re-establish … Continue reading

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