Baltic and Black seas most polluting

The first results of the satellite radar imagery of the five seas around Russia have been summed up. The project is being accomplished by “ScanEx” RDC since May 21 in the interests of the state with the objective to estimate ecological condition of the Baltic, Black, White, Caspian and Okhotsk seas. After processing more than 50 images from RADARSAT-1 (Canada) and ENVISAT-1 (ESA) satellites, it was revealed that the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea have the biggest problems in terms of oil products pollution. No spills were found in the White Sea. It is believed that the main contribution to sea pollution is the result of large-scale accidental oil spills similar to that of Kerch catastrophe of 2007. But according to UN data, the total contribution of accidental oil spills constitutes only 10-15%, while everyday pollutions from river flows, enterprise and ship discharges of waste water continue to be the main sources of pollution. In general, the results of the monitoring turned out to be quite unexpected. Satellite imagery showed a high level of pollution of the Gulf of Finland water area along waterways. Earlier it was believed that the Baltic Sea is under thorough control and that restrain captains of the ships from violations of ecological legislation.


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