India gears up to use RS in managing water resources

With a view to evolve fresh strategies for making timely use of high resolution indigenous remote sensing satellite data in the development and management of country’s water resources the Ministry of Water Resources is now gearing up for optimal utilization of Remote Sensing alongwith conventional data for management and development of water resources of the country. It strongly feels the utility of Remote Sensing in water resources development activities. The Satellite imagery is a versatile tool for facilitating mapping and assessment of waterways and water bodies. The Ministry has identified following thrust areas for Remote Sensing based project studies:

• Mapping of floods and flood plains

• Mapping and assessment of water bodies

• Mapping and delineation of trans-boundary rivers and aquifers

• Integrated Remote Sensing & GIS for proposing ground water recharge locations

• Convergence from geology, land use, agriculture, land cover and soil resources in the integrated assessment of water resources;

• Mapping and location of spring sources in hilly areas;

• Selection and location of potential sites for water well drilling; and

• Training of personnel in application of advance remote sensing technologies in the integrated water resources management.

Since the launch of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-1A, in 1988, the country’s earth observation capability has increased tremendously in generating high resolution imagery for use in natural resource management. Our indigenous satellite meets the very need for management of our natural resources.

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