Maldives’ disappearing coast prompts appeal to UN space agency

The Maldives, one of the nations most threatened by global warming, is appealing to the United Nations space agency to help the island country plan its defenses against rising sea levels. Maldives is among a group of 43 low-lying nations demanding in international climate talks that developed countries slash their emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 40 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels to avert the worst effects of warming.The Island Nation lies 3 meters above sea level at its highest and is among the countries most threatened by rising sea levels caused by global warming. The government has already set up a sovereign wealth fund in case it needs to buy land abroad to resettle its civilians, President Mohamed Nasheed said on April 7.

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1 Response to Maldives’ disappearing coast prompts appeal to UN space agency

  1. John Schoen says:

    your blog fails to mention plate tectonics, the fact that these Islands were formed by the NATURAL rise and fall of seas levels and the formation of coral which have made the islands…
    but hey why not just blame it on Global warming. these people live on an island, 5 ft above sea level in the middle of the ocean, on a moving plate. and over the course of millions on years the ocean levels have risen and fallen naturally..

    don’t believe everything governments shove down your throat.


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