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Asia dims the lights for Earth Hour

Lights went out at Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge on Saturday for Earth Hour 2009, a global event in which landmarks and homes go dark for an hour to highlight the threat from climate change.In Asia, lights at landmarks … Continue reading

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Future Farmers Will Face Growing Climate change Dilemma

Farmers of the future will have to use cattle and sheep that belch less methane, crops that emit far less planet-warming nitrous oxide and become experts in reporting their greenhouse gas emissions to the government.Agriculture is a major source of … Continue reading

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Remote Sensing:Color & False Color Composites and Spectral Signatures

When a spectral band which contains reflectances in the wavelength interval between 0.7 – 1.1 µm is projected through a red filter, healthy, active vegetation will appear bright (light tones) in a black and white image or red in a … Continue reading

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El Nino study challenges global warming intensity link

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