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The Mysterious Red Planet: Mars

For thousands of years, people have gazed into the night sky and wondered about the planet Mars. It was an object of particular fascination for ancient astrologers who looked to the heavens for guidance about the past and the future. … Continue reading

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Chaiten volcano in Chile still poses danger

File image shows members of Chilean armed forces watching the smoke rising from Chaiten volcano at Chaiten town, located some 1220 km (760 miles) south of Santiago May 4, 2008. Chile’s government said    the area surrounding the Chaiten Volcano, … Continue reading

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Sparkling Spray Of Stars Seen

William Herschel discovered this fascinating object during his great sky surveys in the late 18th century. He first noticed the bright cluster in January 1784 and the brightest part of the visually more elusive smudge of the glowing gas clouds … Continue reading

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Difference Between Earthquake Focus and the Epicenter

There is a lot of terminology that can confuse geographic enthusiast. Focus, Hypocenter, Epicenter? What does that exactly mean? When we spoke about seismic waves we mentioned that they originate from different areas. The point of which the wave originates … Continue reading

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