Drinking and Islam

a) Drink essential. Drink is essentially necessary for everything in the world as without it nothing can live. Plants die without watery nourishment. Man is also not free from that law. The Quran says: And Allah created every living thing from water (25:4)

b) Manner of Drink. Drinking should always be made in sitting posture and not in standing or lying condition. The Holy Prophet prohibited it (11:78). Before drinking, the name of Allah should be taken by uttering – “In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Beneficent, “and after drink the Almighty Allah should be praised by saying “All Praise if for Allah, the lord of the worlds” (11:89). “At the time of actual drink, no breath should be thrown into the cup or vessel (7:44, 11:88) and generally water should be taken in three breaths (11:75) Drink during actual eating should be avoided as far as possible, but it should be finishing touch to meal.

c) Kinds of Drink. There are various kinds of drink in the world, some are lawful and some unlawful. Of the lawful drinks, the Holy Prophet loved sweet cool drink very much (11:93). The drink of milk and honey were also greatly in favour with him. The usefulness of milk both as drink and food has been guaranteed by the Quran. “And We give you to drink of what is in their bellies from between the faces and blood – pure milk very agreeable for those who drink” (16:66).

d) Drinking of Juices of Fruits and Leaves. With regret to punishment and sin of unlawful drinks such as wine and other intoxicating liquors, they have been dealt with in notes 1218 and 1219*. Anything intoxicants and games of chance Say: In both of them, there is a great sin and mean of profit for men, and their sin is greater then their profit (2:219). This word is sufficient enough to abolish the age long custom of Arabs in drinking intoxicants. It is said that when wine was prohibited, the streets of Medina were flooded with wines and bottles. There are four prohibited intoxicants. (1) Khamar i.e., crude juice of the grapes which being fermented becomes intoxicating. Khamar is produced from two trees, namely vine and date. It is unlawful in its small and great quantities. It is also unlawful to derive any use from khamar (wine) either as a medicine or in any manner, because the use of filth is forbidden. (2) The second prohibited liquor is the boiled juice of grapes called Bazik and Monissaf. The juice of grapes when boiled until a quantity less than two thirds evaporate is called Bazik and when it is evaporated to the extent of one half, it is called Monissaf. (3) The third kind of prohibited liquor is Sikkar and is made by steeping fresh dates in water until they take effect in sweetening it. (4) The fourth kind is Nookoo Zaheeb which is water in which raisins are steeped until it becomes sweet. This is prohibited when it becomes spirituous.


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