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Gadabas: Primitive People of India

The Gadaba tribe is one of the most primitive tribes of India. They live in the forests of Orissa .  Gadabas are also found in Andra Pradesh.Their population is believed at something like 80.000. They derive their community name either … Continue reading

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Chhipa : Dyeing and Painting People

The Chhipa are a community specializing in coloring and dyeing of clothes. They are found in Kathmandu (Nepal), Gujarat (India) and Karachi (Pakistan) . History and origin In Nepal The word chhipa is believed to come from two Nepali words, … Continue reading

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Nepal : about Tharus and newcomers in Taraï region

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Tharu bride. Nepal. In the southern plains of Nepal is living the Tharu tribe, the second largest ethnic community of the country. Two mysteries surround them : where they come from and how they came to…

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Bishnoi Tribe in India

The Thar desert in India is full of ironies—one of them being the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan. Here, peace is maintained with aggression and robust health rubs shoulders with regular famine. Here penniless women flaunt heavy gold jewelery and wild … Continue reading

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