Nepal : about Tharus and newcomers in Taraï region


In the southern plains of Nepal is living the Tharu tribe, the second largest ethnic community of the country. Two mysteries surround them : where they come from and how they came to be resistant to malaria. Some anthropologists speculate that the tribe migrated from India’s eastern hills, filtering across the Taraï ( the southern plains of Nepal) over the course of millenia. This would account for their mongoloïd features and hindu animists beliefs, but it doesn’t fully explain the radically different dialects, dress and customs of different Tharu groups. Isolated by malarial jungle for thousands of years, bands of migrants certainly could have developed their own cultures. But why, given such linguistic and cultural evolution, would the name “Tharu” survive with such consistency ? Confusing the issue are the Rana Tharus of the far west, who claim to be descended fom high-caste Rajput ( the noble class in western…

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