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Toda People of India

The Toda people are a small pastoral community who live on the isolated Nilgiri plateau of Southern India. Prior to the late eighteenth century, the Toda coexisted locally with other communities, including the Badaga, Kota, and Kuruba, in a loose … Continue reading

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Pygmies:African Peoples of the Rainforest

Today the African rainforest is home to some of the most celebrated tribal people, the so-called “Pygmies” of the Ituri forest in northern Zaire. The tallest of these people, known as the Mbuti, rarely exceed five feet (1.5 m). Besides … Continue reading

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Remote tribe uses high-tech protection

On a recent afternoon deep in the Amazon’s rain forest, members of the Surui tribe, which made contact with the outside world less than 40 years ago, could not resist that urge well-known to modern man — they Googled themselves. … Continue reading

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Naga Tribe

The word Naga has evolved from the word Nagna, which means naked. It is so because the Nagas are known by the paucity of their clothes. Some also say that the word Naga originated from Naga meaning Snake or king … Continue reading

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