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Rail Tourism in India and Pakistan (from the site of Salman Rashid)

Railways is among the more enduring legacies of the British Raj in the subcontinent. There is virtually an inexhaustible body of extremely interesting lore and history of the building of this great system of transportation discussed in a few excellent books and … Continue reading

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Geography as A Subject : Some Thoughts

Found a worth reading post of  a Young Geographer here.  A food for thought.

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The Real Architects of Bengali Cuisine are Widows

We often talk about of our culture. We are proud of it.An important part of culture are cuisines of the region. Many contribute to it.Bengali cuisines are famous.This piece examines the role of widows in developing and preserving this element … Continue reading

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Conflict Urbanism

Here is a reblog from Derek Gregory of Geographical Imaginations. In an essay he intends to write about Geography and war. A thought provoking post. Source: Conflict Urbanism

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