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New View of Lunar Crater

NASA has released an interesting  geolologic map of moon. NASA’s got something new for the geo-geeks in the house: a bedrock geologic map of Schrodinger Basin, a giant crater near the moon’s south pole that formed from a collision with … Continue reading

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There’s more water on the moon

Recent moon missions have shown frozen water in shadowed craters on the moon’s surface, and ice under the gray dust. It could have been carried there by bits of comets as asteroids hitting the surface, however. A new study published … Continue reading

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600 million metric tons of Water on Moon’ North Pole!!!

We thought, until recently, that the Moon was just about the driest place in the solar system. Then reports of moonwater started “pouring” in – starting with estimates of scant amounts on the lunar surface, then gallons in a single … Continue reading

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Did a Nuclear Blast Give Birth to the Moon?

Discovery reports scientists are proposing in a new theory about  formation of our moon: they think a massive nuclear explosion occurred at the edge of Earth’s core, flinging red-hot, liquid rock into space. The orbiting detritus gradually congealed into what … Continue reading

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