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Antarctica and Greenland Loosing Ice Fast

Science Daily reports that the planet’s two largest ice sheets have been losing ice faster during the past decade, causing widespread confusion and concern.Dozens of climate scientists have reconciled their measurements of ice sheet changes in Antarctica and Greenland over … Continue reading

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Boring Trend:’We’ Are Planting Forests for Carbon Sequestration

Isnt it Boring?Imagine a forest landscape where every tree is aligned and equally spaced apart.Isnt  A forest where there are no sounds, no undergrowth and a distinct lack of species. Could this be the fate of our environment as carbon … Continue reading

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Earth Shading to Combat Global Warming

A cost analysis of the technologies needed to transport materials into the stratosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting Earth and therefore reduce the effects of global climate change has shown that they are both feasible and affordable.Published August … Continue reading

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Global Warming Will Turn Arctic Tundra to Forest

Shrubs in the Arctic tundra have turned into trees as a result of the warming Arctic climate, creating patches of forest which, if replicated across the tundra, would significantly accelerate global warming. Scientists from Finland and Oxford University investigated an … Continue reading

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