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Puncak Jaya is Dying

In Indonesia, one of the world’s last tropical glaciers is dying. Perched atop the 16,000-foot peak Puncak Jaya in Papua province, the glacier has shrunk in size by 80 percent since 1936, and most of that since the 1970s. The … Continue reading

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Glacial Flooding: Another Threat of Global Warming

Dear readers .Here is another interesting reblogged post.Enjoy. For years, I had heard about how glacier melting caused by global warming was imperiling the world’s fresh water supplies, the vast majority of which come from mountains. But I hadn’t thought … Continue reading

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Sub-Glacial Antarctic Lake

Scientists have located the ideal drill site for the first ever exploration of an Antarctic sub-glacial lake, a development that is likely to facilitate a revolution in climate-change research and which may lead to the discovery of life-forms cut off … Continue reading

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Global Glaciation 716.5 Million Years Ago

Geologists have found evidence that sea ice extended to the equator 716.5 million years ago, bringing new precision to a “snowball Earth” event long suspected to have taken place around that time.Led by scientists at Harvard University, the team reports … Continue reading

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