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The magnetic boundary between the Earth’s field and the solar wind, named the magnetopause, has a bullet-shaped front, gradually changing into a cylinder. Its cross-section is approximately circular.Distances in the magnetosphere are often measured in Earth radii (RE), with one … Continue reading

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Colliding Auroras Produce an Explosion of Light

A network of cameras deployed around the Arctic in support of NASA’s THEMIS mission has made a startling discovery about the Northern Lights. Sometimes, vast curtains of aurora borealis collide, producing spectacular outbursts of light. Movies of the phenomenon were … Continue reading

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Are Changes In Earth’s Main Magnetic Field Induced By Oceans’ Circulation?

New research raises question marks about the forces behind the magnetic field and the structure of Earth itself.Professor Gregory Ryskin from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University in Illinois, US,controversial new paper, published in New Journal … Continue reading

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World’s 2nd Largest Solar Power Plant in Florida

Solar power plant in Florida could serve 11,000 people. Lauren Engineers & Constructors have signed a contract with Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) to develop the world’s second largest solar power plant in Indiantown, Florida. Using concentrated photovoltaic technology, … Continue reading

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