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Indigenous Peoples & Nature Conservation

Originally posted on Organikos:
The National Bison Range in Montana, now managed by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. DAVE FITZPATRICK / U.S.FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE Thanks to Jim Robbins, as always, for this look into How Returning Lands to…

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Higher Education is Changing

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Planting Trees & Second Thoughts

Originally posted on Organikos: Way back when, the idea of planting a million trees was set in motion. I missed this Economist film and article at that time, but while pursuing planting I have seen other related concerns, each…

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Concept of Social Environment

Man lives in particular geographical space and that he has for his society a definite pattern of economic activities; yet social man is as much the product of his social environment as he is of physical surroundings and economic conditions. … Continue reading

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