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Shipwreck Coral Reefs, video

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This 24 June 2020 video says about itself: Exploring Shipwreck Coral Reefs Next on Blue World, Jonathan learns how to dive without a scuba tank by holding his breath a long time!…

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Removing Constraints On Natural Aquatic Migrations

Originally posted on La Paz Group:
Osprey looking for alewives along the Sebasticook River in Maine. The removal of two dams has allowed migratory fish to return. Murray Carpenter Migration, an ageless natural phenomenon, can be all the more spectacular…

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Evolution of Modern Nation States: From Chiefdom to States

Some horticultural societies of the past developed more intensive agricultural subsistence patterns when their populations grew into the thousands.  As this interrelated economic and populational transition occurred, they were forced to create a new level of political integration in order … Continue reading

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Bidoons:The Stateless Arabs

The Bidoon (or bidoun) – literally meaning “without” in Arabic – are a group of stateless people who live in the Gulf Arab States. It is estimated that at present there are a few hundred thousand Bidoon currently living in Kuwait, … Continue reading

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