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Ten characteristics of an urban civilization

Size and density of cities. The great enlargement of an organised population meant a much wider level of social integration.   Full-time specialisation of labour. Specialisation of production among workers was institutionalised, as were systems of distribution and exchange.   … Continue reading

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Social Carrying Capacity Politspeak Bamboozle

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:
May 13, 2019 | David Mattson As a scholar and social scientist I get annoyed when concepts are deployed for partisan purposes without regard for intellectual integrity. Having said that, I suspect that…

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Overtourism : A New Phenomenon

Recently, some of Europe’s most-visited cities have become surprisingly inhospitable to tourists. Barcelona residents have been openly hostile to visitors and officials are now cracking down on Airbnb rentals. Venice has been overrun with daytrippers and recently instituted tourist-only diversion … Continue reading

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RAWLINSON :Pioneer Reader of Cuneiform and Assyriology

Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, 1st Baronet GCB was an English soldier, diplomat and orientalist. He is sometimes referred to as the “Father of Assyriology.” Knowledge of cuneiform was lost until 1835 when Henry Rawlinson, a British East India Company army … Continue reading

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