The Big ‘Green’ Lie: Why We’ll Never, Ever Be 100% Powered By Wind & Solar Power

Iowa Climate Science Education

The wind and solar acolyte in their more delusional moments readily proclaims that an all-wind and sun-powered future is upon us. Never mind sunset; never mind dead calm weather; and never mind the fact that the idea that giant lithium-ion batteries economically storing wind and solar power at grid-scale is pure hokum ? for the dreamer, the only thing in our path is a bunch of fossil-fuel loving ?dinosaurs?.

The renewable energy rent-seeker preys on the nave and ignorant, with a marketing mantra that, for a few dollars more, we can all enjoy electrons exclusively harvested from sunshine and breezes. Never again will our consciences be troubled by the notion that our lights and fridges are running on coal-fired electricity. Perish the thought.

Or, so the story goes.

Karsten Neumeister ? quite apparently a subsidised solar worshipper ? takes a look at the methods used by power retailers to dupe…

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