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Zainab Canal near Mecca: Qanat System

Qanat is a series of well-like vertical shafts, connected by gently sloping tunnels. they create a reliable supply of water for human settlements and irrigation in hot, arid, and semi-arid climates.

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Green urban spaces for more than just aesthetics

By Johanna Caresse Eusebio, the Philippines Economic growth over ecological health In lower-income countries such as the Philippines, economic development has always been entangled with the idea of numerous blue infrastructures surrounding the cities. Over the past years as a … Continue reading

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Read to lead 📚 

Originally posted on Asif Durrani:
A leader recruits leaders. Asif Durrani A leader recruits leaders. A leader considers the induction of a new team member as a meaning of succession planning. A true leader hires new talent without any prejudice…

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Originally posted on Titus Two:
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a people relied upon a tool called: The Thomas Guide Maps. This dates back to a time in history when research meant we were actually…

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