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Suffixes in Place Names: Origin and Meaning

 There are certain elements of settlement names that appear in many names most noticeably certain suffixes that crop up in many settlements names. Many place names share similar suffixes there is almost always some meaning associated with them. The more … Continue reading

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Our Cities are Sinking?

Over-exploitation of groundwater resources is causing cities around the world to sink below sea-level. The problem is set to accelerate due to rapid urbanisation and climate change….. Roughly 83 million people is added to the world’s population every year. By … Continue reading

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Happy Republic Day , India

May Our Beloved Country Remain a True Secular ,Democratic,Republic May WE Remain United and Strong

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The End Of Natural Population Growth? | ZeroHedge

Originally posted on MCViewPoint:
The downside of advancement. All your children live and mechanized farms mean you don’t need to crank them out. by Tyler Durden You will find more infographics at Statista Germany was the first country in…

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