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Backwash Effect (Economic)

Economic growth provides benefits and costs in the region in which it occurs. It has a positive impact on nearby localities if jobs, population, and wealth spill over into these communities. Alternatively, it has adverse effects on the nearby localities … Continue reading

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An Analysis of Communal Conflict in India

Dear Readers, I found a good paper/Article on Communal conflict in India and thought of  sharing it.You can read it by clicking at following link.  

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Agricultural Revolution : An Overview-A Timeline of Innovations

Technological Innovations play a significant role in peopling and demography of a region.Between the eighth century and the eighteenth, the tools of farming basically stayed the same and few advancements in technology were made. This meant that the farmers had … Continue reading

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Rural-Urban Interaction and Social Change

Rural-urban interaction is an important aspect of urbanisation. It is very probable that urbanisation and urban growth would have their impact on rural areas and activities in rural areas would have their effect on the nearby towns and cities.  Urbanisation … Continue reading

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