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Genuine Leaders Lead

Orlando Espinosa Genuine leaders lead with their passion and not with their title! Genuine leaders are trustworthy. Genuine leaders are not driven by ego. Genuine leaders are authentic. Genuine leaders create opportunities for others. View original post

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Totenism : A Relationship Between Humans and Nature

Totemism, a complex system of ideas, symbols, and practices based on an assumed relationship between an individual or a social group(religion is also a Social Group) and a natural object known as a totem. The totem may be a particular … Continue reading

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Tower of Babble: A Scycrapper?

The cities of today exhibit the tallest structures the world has ever seen. The density of urban environments  is high due to the desire to live and do business as close to the heart of the metropolis as is possible, … Continue reading

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Why the Arctic is so vital in the fight against climate change.

Originally posted on Swift Science:
The Arctic is warming far more than the rest of the world, in some regions it is already more than 3oC warmer than the 1950s, already exceeding the Paris agreements threshold. What makes this so…

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