Claim: More Climate Scientists Urgently Needed

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

“Settled” Climate Science apparently needs a lot more hands on deck to help explain to us how doomed we are if we don’t spend taxpayer’s money on climate stuff.

More climate scientists urgently needed for Australia, academy says

Peter Hannam

Australia’s climate research is in “urgent” need of dozens more scientists to help prepare farmers, businesses and governments for the expected worsening effects of global warming, the Australian Academy of Science said.

The academy’s assessment, prompted by last year’s decision by CSIRO to axe as many as 100 of 140 climate scientists, identified 77 extra research positions that should be created in the next four years.

“Climate change is affecting and will affect every business and every bit of the environment in Australia,” said Trevor McDougall, an academy fellow and professor at the University of NSW, who led the review.

Professor McDougall cited…

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