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Dissent, freedom and democracy

Originally posted on Vishal Bhidu:
What makes a stalwart nation a beacon of democracy? Freedom, right, respect and various religious groups shining together. Rule of law and dissent should co-exist side by side. Ideas for change in a plural society…

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Some Desert Related Geographic Terms

Abrasion: Erosion of bedrock by continuous friction caused by sand or rock fragments in water, wind, and ice. Bajada: When many alluvial fans that have joined together, the resulting landform is called Bajada. Basin: Depression in Earth’s surface with no … Continue reading

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Researchers Found Remains of Atlantic City

Atlantic City was an American military base on Jan Mayen during the Second World War. This image was taken in 1946 or 1947 by Odd Gjeruldsen. It hangs on the wall at the meteorological station on Jan Mayen. Credit: Odd … Continue reading

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Small city transit: less is more

Originally posted on the urban geographer:
Guelph is a small city with a small bus system. Unlike in larger cities where many buses ply the same routes all day with 5-10 minute headways, Guelph can’t afford to do that –…

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