An Eye on Future: May Our Republic Be on Right Path- A Prayer


Happy Republic Day to India.This Republic Day, I pray for India to be on right path with these lines of Allama Iqbal.

Sultani-e-Jamhoor Ka Aata Hai Zamaana;
Jo Naqsh-e-Kohan Tumko Nazar Aaye Mita Do!!
The reign of the Kingdom of Democracy is coming.
Remove any sign of archaism (old kind of system) you come across.

Jis Khet Se Dehkaan Ko Muyassar Nahi Rozi;
Uss Khet Ke Har Koshah-e-Gandum Ko Jala Do!!
The field which doesn’t yield a livelihood to farmers;
Burn every stack of wheat from that field.

Tehzeeb-e-Navi Kaargah-e-Sheesha Garaan Hai
Aadaab-e-Junoon Shayar-e-Mashriq Ko Sikha Do!!
The contemporary culture is burdensome as a workshop of brittle glass!
Teach the poet of the East, poetry filled with passion!!

Clik here for Images of step by step development of national flag of India.

Thanks Sabahat for Inspiration.

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