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Inclusion, Contestation and Identity in Indian Cities: An event report on recent talks

Originally posted on CPR Urban blog:
By Mukta Naik, Senior Researcher, CPR With three excellent talks taking place within a week, CPR has been quite the hub for discussion on topical urban issues. While distinct, the talks (as conversations on…

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The Problem with #MuslimLivesMatter

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Some Questions on land Acquisition in India- and World

These are the vital questions in the land Acquisition debate:  Is it being done t the behest of World Bank? Is it necessary for the so called development? What development mean for a country like India? Is the farmer and … Continue reading

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Random musings on #politics #youth and #citizenship

Originally posted on ramblinginthecity:
I haven’t opined on Indian politics for a while. To tell you the truth, I’ve been ruminating, taking it all in. And here are some randomly picked thoughts from the thousands that buzz around my head.…

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