Cyberwarfare and Encryption

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The recent cyberhacking attacks on Sony, CentCom and a number of well known companies over the past few years (especially Home Depot and Target) highlight a major development in the online world known as cyberwarfare. Cyberwarfare is defined as offensive and defensive measures designed to achieve superiority of control of cyberspace (Internet, networks, software and hardware) or parts thereof.

Although cyberwarfare is often thought of as an activity practiced by the state, attacks against corporations and the theft of credit card data can also be considered attacks against state sovereignty and symbols of statehood, and, hence, cyberwarfare. The information released in the Sony attacks, despite it being a foreign company, largely pertained to American operations and that bastion of Americana, Hollywood. Especially as it was an American subsidiary, Sony Pictures Entertainment, based in Culver City, Ca. And of course governments can, and do, invoke such attacks as justification for…

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  1. shreya says:

    A very informative post. Liked reading it. Thank u for the share.


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