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Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover A Cure For Cancer

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Body Dysmorphia is OUT OF CONTROL! Now Affecting the Mannequins

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Help those with no voice! Many men and women suffer over body image issues. We try to eat healthy, work out and yet we can never measure up. For most of us, we…

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Mud Pot or Mud Pool and Paint Pot: Landforms Resulting from volcanic and Biological Activity

One of the most interesting looking features of a thermal area is mudpots. A mudpot  or mud pool is an acidic hot spring, or fumarole, with limited water. It usually takes the form of a pool of bubbling mud. The acid … Continue reading

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Neonicotioids V: Insecticides and Bad Behavior

Originally posted on Living With Insects Blog:
Honey Bee Hives The effects of insecticides on insects have been extensively studied. At high enough doses, insects will die. At lower doses, insects may survive, but present physiological and behavioral changes. Insecticides…

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