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SOILS: The Hidden World Under Our Feet

Originally posted on LEARN FROM NATURE:
One of the most important threats to biodiversity has received little attention — though it lies just below us… From the NY Times Sunday special : THE world’s worrisome decline in biodiversity is well known. Some experts…

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When it comes to food, technology won’t save us

A fellow blogger Janina commented on it. I am reproducing his words here. This is a great argument against the technology-driven, big-ag “food security” approach which focuses on the “need to feed the world” through more and flashier technological inventions. … Continue reading

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Genetically modified failures

Originally posted on Paper to Use:
Don’t believe what you hear from vested interests, rent-a-quote ‘scientists’ and’ bought’ politicians. After nearly 20 years of promises that genetically modified food would revolutionise our world, feed the hungry, boost the yields and…

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