Echoes in the Mist



Quantum entanglement, as explained on one of the programs of the Universe series, on the H2 Channel, is not a theory, but a fact, demonstrated by scientific experiments.


Briefly, the experiment, which has been repeated a number of times, goes as follows:  A subatomic particle, such as an electron, is paired with another electron.  The first of the two is set spinning in a clockwise direction.  At the same moment, the second “paired” one begins spinning in the opposite direction, that is, counter-clockwise.  Then Electron Number Two is taken several miles away from the original site.


The spin of Electron Number One is then reversed and now goes in a counter-clockwise direction.  At the same instant in time, the spin of Electron Number Two also reverses, and now goes in a clockwise direction.  This happens, by itself, even though there is absolutely no physical connection between the…

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