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Desert bacteria could help boost crop yields(link)

Scientists from the United Arab Emirates [UAE] have isolated local salt- and drought-tolerant strains of Rhizobia, soil bacteria that fix nitrogen  inside the root nodules of legumes and can give much needed boost to crop yield. read here

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Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
Global Ecologies: Nature/Narrative/Neoliberalism A two-day conference Global Ecologies: Nature/Narrative/Neoliberalism stages an interdisciplinary conversation about globally relevant environmental issues such as neo-liberalism, militarism, waste dumping, deforestation, and food, land, and water sovereignty. Our conference will foreground…

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Originally posted on Pollution Free Cities:
Probabilistic cost estimates for climate change mitigation(Abstract, Joeri Rogelj, David L. McCollum, Andy Reisinger, Malte Meinshausen & Keywan Riahi, Nature, Jan. 2, 2013) Also discussed here: Carbon price of $30 needed to avoid 2°C…

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