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The World is Running Out of Topsoil(link)

The world may be running out of usable topsoil, the layer that allows plants to grow. According to an article that suggest we have only about 60 remaining years of topsoil. Around 40% of the world’s agricultural soil is now … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Echoes in the Mist:
  Quantum entanglement, as explained on one of the programs of the Universe series, on the H2 Channel, is not a theory, but a fact, demonstrated by scientific experiments.   Briefly, the experiment,…

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Originally posted on THE DIRT:
The village of Nicola-Lenivets, which means “Nicola-the Lazy-bones” in Russian, has a really long history. The first residents, ancient Slavs-Vyatiches, arrived in 3,000 B.C. They later fortified their village, which is found along the Ugra…

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