Guest Post -Satellite Internet: An Aid to Geography

We live in very complex systems yet we are united as one. We may have differences in culture, beliefs and languages but we never fail to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each of one of us. We are humans and our co-existence with the other species is solely dependent to Geography. 

As human beings with higher capacities to talk, think and communicate, Geography is the first and basic subject humans must learn. How important Geography is reflected on the continuous search of mankind for life’s meaning of existence.

As citizens of the 21st century, we have a great responsibility to use the technology available in our time to continue to search life’s meaning through the study of Geography.

Thanks to the latest available technology called the satellite internet. Geography will never be that difficult for most of us to learn. Since we must adapt to the fast changing world, knowledge about Geography by the use of satellite internet could make us closer to our planet, to environment, and most especially to ourselves.

In what ways satellite internet could easily help us integrate our daily life routine to learning Geography? Here are some ways that you can consider.

  1. Maps

Common, Geography is all about maps. So if this may sound boring, don’t be upset. Satellite internet can give you real time maps that you could use in your daily routine such as driving, locating stores, hotels and places. The conventional treasure map is no longer effective aid in learning Geography nowadays. The 3D maps which can show you the actual terrain of the places are already available in the internet using a satellite internet.

  1. News

The best thing to get, in order to learn the Geography of some people is to read their local news. And you can only achieve that one if you are online using the satellite internet connection. Geography is not only focus on the terrains and the sea levels of the places. It also concerns with how people act and react to the present challenges that they encounter in life. Geography is also about how nature and humans co-exist with each other. Without the help of the satellite internet, chaos and cultural differences between races will not be resolved.

  1. Interaction

Learning Geography using the satellite internet connection has no limit. Unlike the classroom setting where you still wander how other people really do, in the use of satellite internet, you can actually interact with the different people across the globe. The use of social sites is very helpful in learning the Geography of different people and their places.

The use of satellite internet is indeed a very helpful way to at least bridge the gap of humanity by learning Geography. The satellite internet is the most precious gift humanity has ever received for it is now becoming a medium for peace and development of our home called Earth.

Andrew Cole is a geographer and an internet guru who wanted to promote peace using the internet as a medium. He does lectures on how human can be united by learning and understanding each other’s culture and beliefs. His most famous article entitled “Broadband expert compares internet providers” can be read through different sites in the internet.

About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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2 Responses to Guest Post -Satellite Internet: An Aid to Geography

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    Knowing world geography has always been a way to break through cultural barriers. My friends travelled to Italy this summer and told me where they were staying on the shores of Lake Orta. I went to Google Maps and not only found their location, but also the Street View of the house they were guests in, and the vistas they were describing in their emails. I also clicked on local sites to learn about the various places they were visiting and when they got back and showed us their pictures it was as if I had been walking in their shoes in a virtual space.

    Satellites, aerial photography, 3D rendering of landscapes, and data-point databases create a technology revolution for geographers and world travellers. The planet will only get smaller and smaller. Then along with our universal translator we will truly experience a communications revolution built on the technology we have developed.


  2. Kayla Stanford says:

    Thanks for your blog. I love to learn. Can anyone tell me where to go to find information on the underwater coastal structures of the eastern United States, more specifically Harker s Island, North Carolina and also Nova Scotia and around where the Titanic is. There seems to be underwater walls and other odd formations that do not appear natural. I would appreciate any info. Thank you.


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