Echoes in the Mist

Graham Hancock, in Part Four of his fascinating book, Underworld, describes at length, the temples of Malta and alleges that measures were taken by some not-too-ethical archaeologists to cover up the true history of Malta, which appears to go much farther back than is acknowledged.

Hancock’s section on Malta is very complex, as the early history of Malta itself is remarkably complex, and little understood. So here are just a couple of highlights, not meant to be a comprehensive account.

If only these old temples could speak!  But they do not, and no written language appears anywhere in them.  No inscriptions tell their tale.

Among the oldest stone monuments in the world

A recent program on the H2 Channel showed, among other ancient sites, some of the temples of Malta.  These predate the pyramids and are among the oldest stone-built monuments in the world.

In the H2 Channel’s TV program…

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