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Guest Post by Kaitlyn Cole

Jumping into the teaching profession certainly poses quite the potential for intimidation. After all, the very fate of future generations does hang in the balance and all. But no novice educator has to ride off into the career-tinted sunset alone after graduation. Plenty of seasoned professionals, administrators, and parents have beaucoup advice and experience to offer. Open up a little and listen to what they have to say; not all of it will necessarily stick, but learning experiences lurk in each little snippet. Supplement conversations with mentors and peers with the following blogs, or, if you’re especially brave, reach out and ask some of the writers for the best resources and approaches for helping your students shine.

Administrators and Staffers

  1. School Counselor Blog: Danielle Schultz and her crew talk about the issues and strategies involved with counseling kindergarteners through 12th graders on both academic and personal matters.
  2. The Principal Blog: Here, an elementary school principal opens up about the day-to-day elements of her job and shares resources and ideas that have helped her through different dilemmas.
  3. Superintendent’s Blog: While it understandably doesn’t update as frequently as some of the other blogs listed here, this Bedford, Mass.-based read sheds quite a bit of light on what running an entire school district involves.
  4. A Principal’s Reflections: Considered one of the best administrator bloggers on the Internet, New Milford High School’s Eric Sheninger is an award-winning, Google-certified instructor with amazing insight into the education industry.
  5. School Counseling Matters: Aimed at parents and teachers, School Counseling Matters offers up some incredibly valuable resources about what all the eponymous career path entails.
  6. Blogs at American Association of School Administrators: All the reads hosted here cover a wide range of administration positions, and therefore perspectives, so hop on over and learn a thing or two about what all goes into keeping a whole school chugging along as smoothly as possible.
  7. Michael Smith’s Principals Page: Stop here for exceptionally detailed musings about everything principalia, which expands upon content from the surrounding website.
  8. School Library Monthly: Libraries are essential to a successful academic institution, so teachers new and old should pay close attention to how they work and what they offer students, faculty, and staff alike.
  9. The Principal of Change: George Couros is eager to forge progressive classroom strategies that enrich and engage students, teachers, and parents so everyone grows and learns something.
  10. AASL Blog: The American Association of School Libraries keeps readers constantly updated about the latest news and views hailing from … well … exactly what its name implies.

Education Policy and Activism


  1. Education Gadfly Weekly: Presented by The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Education Gadfly Weekly serves as a think tank and watchdog group devoted to cobbling together viable solutions to today’s overarching issues.
  2. The Jose Vilson: This tireless advocate for both teachers and students dreams of an education system where all involved parties thrive and all inequities close for good.
  3. Eduwonk: Follow the latest news from the education sector and read commentary on what good and bad it might mean for future students — and teachers!
  4. Education Activist Network: Based in the UK, this organization strives to see fair funding for higher education, affordable tuition rates, and viable teacher salaries, and it stretches its support to international struggles as well.
  5. Education Experts: Although NationalJournal targets Washington insiders, teachers still use it to follow detailed news and opinions regarding the legislation dictating their careers.
  6. Politics K-12: Education Week’s Alyson Klein and Michele McNeil share and analyze the latest news in education-related public policy.
  7. Homeroom: The U.S. Department of Education’s official blog allows teachers in America to know exactly what legislation has been proposed, what issues need addressing, and more.
  8. EducationState: Another British blog focusing on what works and what doesn’t in the education sector, with solutions and suggestions applicable to many other nations.
  9. Sam Chaltain: Education activist Sam Chaltain serves as a consultant for institutions looking to create safe, equitable spaces for teachers, students, and administrators.
  10. Big Education Ape: It may not win many awards for web design any time soon, but Big Education Ape offers up a passionate perspective into what parents want from their kids’ schooling.

Educational Technology


  1. Darcy Moore: This wildly popular, award-winning educator and administrator from Australia loves talking pedagogic strategies, technology, and their creative intersections, making her blog an essential read for up-and-comers.
  2. Dangerously Irrelevant: Dangerously Irrelevant is all about innovation, and these days, innovation is all about technology. Find out how educators incorporate exciting new developments into the classroom – it’s a valuable skill set employers love!
  3. Teach Paperless: Considered one of the best edtech blogs around, this fabulous resource outlines strategies for minimizing the amount of analog required for a classroom to run fabulously.
  4. EdTech Focus on K-12: Like the title states, EdTech Focus on K-12 reaches out to educators before the college level and discusses how the latest developments benefit their students.
  5. The Power of Educational Technology: Liz B. Davis shares the techniques that work for her as well as information about edtech events her contemporaries might find particularly informative.
  6. ZDNet Education: Read the latest news from educational technology enthusiast Christopher Dawson, who also shares some great advice about classroom applications.
  7. Emerging EdTech: Future teachers with an interest in furthering the cause of tech in schools would do well to explore the different venues and techniques presented here.
  8. Teach the Cloud: An IT specialist with experiences in educational settings shares everything he’s learned about how both fields intimately inspire one another.
  9. Free Tech for Teachers: Innovative instructors love heading here for exceptionally valuable edtech resources they don’t even have to buy before infusing into their lessons.
  10. Bionic Teaching: At the intersection of art and design, education, and technology sits this smart, informative read perfect for digital-savvy teachers.

Higher Education


  1. The College Puzzle: Presented by Stanford University, The College Puzzle delves deeply into what institutes of higher learning expect from their students — not to mention the intimate inner workings of the system.
  2. Blogs at The Chronicle of Higher Education: Pretty much every issue relating to college and university administration and life receives consideration here, making it a necessary read for high school teachers as well as their professory counterparts.
  3. Blogs at Inside Higher Ed: Another thoroughly detailed compilation of resources related to higher ed, perfect for those teaching the college-bound who need a little push.
  4. Changing Higher Education: University of Southern California’s Lloyd Armstrong shares his thoughts about the serious issues afflicting colleges and universities today — and, of course, offers up some solutions decision makers might want to consider.
  5. The Choice: The New York Times focuses its college blog on the admissions and tuition components, keeping educators outside this particular level informed about how things have both changed and stayed the same since their graduations.
  6. Ask the Dean: Learn about contemporary college life and pick up on a wealth of advice to pass down to students directly from College Confidential’s dishing dean.
  7. College, Inc: Daniel de Vise with The Washington Post analyzes the latest higher education news and opinions through a business-oriented lens.
  8. BlogHighEd: A useful aggregator site, BlogHighEd pulls together the most popular postings about the eponymous subject for readers’ perusal, so it covers a nicely broad range of topics.
  9. GlobalHigherEd: Stay on top of higher education issues on the global level here, with numerous contributors weighing in with differing opinions and solutions.
  10. The College Solution: Higher ed journalist Lynn O’Shaughnessy blogs about exactly what one would expect her to blog about, focusing on costs and other major issues.

Special Education


  1. Special Education Law Blog: Every special education teacher in America needs to follow Special Education Law Blog regularly in order to stay on top of the legislation impacting their careers.
  2. On Special Education: Another Education Week blog, this time covering information teachers and parents of special needs students need to know.
  3. Teachers at Risk: Teacher of Distinction Elona Hartjes pulls from her extensive experience as a special educator to share amazing strategies for creating safe spaces for students and their mentors alike.
  4. Special Education at Jerry Webster keeps things general and accessible in a way special education professionals will find refreshing and useful.
  5. Teacher Sol: Both policy —particularly regarding teachers unions — and special education topics are the name of the game at this incredibly popular, insightful resource.
  6. Special Education Law Blog: No, we’re not being redundant here. There are two entirely different blogs sporting the same title, both of them well worth exploring when needing to understand the ins and outs of special education legalities.
  7. Joe Public blog: Although this offering by The Guardian covers accessibility and disability topics on a public level, it frequently delves into relevant education issues in the UK.
  8. Reality 101: The Council for Exceptional Children specifically targets brand new special education teachers looking for pointers about ensuring the safest, most effective classroom environments.
  9. The Assistive Technology Blog/VCU: Presented by the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Training and Technical Assistance Center and Virginia Commonwealth University, this blog makes following new developments in assistive technology a breeze.
  10. Assistive Technology Blog: Venkat Rao writes all about amazing assistive technologies for use in the classroom and beyond, making it a nice, well-rounded resource for special educators.

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