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China Launched Oean Observation Satellite Haiyang-2

China launched an ocean observation satellite, Haiyang-2, from the Taiyuan launching base in Shanxi province, north-eastern China. The remote sensing payload flew into orbit on top of a Long March 4B rocket, which placed the satellite in a 565-mile-high orbit … Continue reading

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NASA Traces Ice Flow in Antarctica And Creates Ground Breaking Map

Researchers at NASA recently created the first complete map of the speed and direction of ice flow in Antarctica. The map is considered timely as it will help track future sea-level increases due to climate change.  “The map points out … Continue reading

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The Age of the Moon and the Earth:They may be younger than originally thought

How old the Moon and Earth?  New research using a technique that measures the isotopes of lead and neodymium in lunar crustal rocks shows that the moon and Earth may be millions of years younger than originally thought.  The common … Continue reading

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India Gears to Meet Agro Challenges and For New Agricultural Revolution

Changing Gears for Rainbow Revolution Dr. S. Ayyappan* In view of the emerging challenges and threats to agriculture sector, vis-à-vis national food security, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has developed a strategic framework to improve food security, enhance … Continue reading

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