Indian Rivers

The origin of the rivers in India comprises three prime watersheds:

  • Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges
  • Vindhya, Satpura ranges and the Chota Nagpur Plateau
  • Western Ghats

The Indian rivers  can be classified into the

Himalayan Rivers,

Deccan Rivers ,

Coastal Rivers,

Rivers of the inland Drainage basin .

Talking about the Indian Rivers, the rivers that one thinks of are Ganga and Yamuna . However, India is home to several other rivers like Brahmaputra, Krishna, Cauvery, Narmada and many more. Besides rendering a pleasing beauty to the country, the Indian Rivers also happens to be an important source of transportation, hydro-electricity and most importantly irrigation. The lives of the boatmen, farmers, fishermen and others depend on these water bodies. A large number of crops depend on the water from the rivers. Further the rivers in India are indispensably connected to Indian culture. Wrapped in religious ethos and mythology, these rivers also draw numerous tourists from all corners of the world. Various dams and multipurpose projects on Indian Rivers have been undertaken at various times thus making the rivers in India a source of economy as well. With change in time the function of the Indian rivers have underwent major sea changes. The rivers like Alaknanda etc are being made use of for various purposes like adventure sports, river rafting etc. The Indian rivers bear the evidences of the oldest civilization. Hence these are significant religiously, historically, and culturally. Twisting through the valleys the rivers come down to nurture the lands, in the same way as it did hundreds of years ago.

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