Counter-urbanisation is the movement of people out of cities, to the surrounding areas. Since 1950 this process has been occurring in More Economically Developed Countries.

There are four main reasons for counter-urbanisation:

1. The increase in car ownership over the last 40 years means people are more mobile. This has led to an increase in commuting. Also, the growth in information technology (E-mail, faxes and video conferencing) means more people can work from home.

2. Urban areas are becoming increasing unpleasant place to live. This is the result of pollution, crime and traffic congestion.

3. More people tend to move when they retire.

4. New business parks on the edge of cities (on Greenfield sites) mean people no longer have to travel to the city centre. People now prefer to live on the outskirts of the city to be near where they work.




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Urbanization Pros and Cons

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4 Responses to Counter-urbanisation

  1. I think it makes a lot of sense, this counter urbanization. People ought to be more open about moving out of metropolis regions, in order to reduce the congestion and may be even the cost of living.

    Destination Infinity


  2. md irfan akbar says:

    counter urbanisation is also very important for the sustainable devlpt of the urban areas.and thats why governments and authorities should encourage d process.,as the cities like delhi , already showing its inability to acomodate the ever rising load on them…


  3. shubham2217 says:

    While reading about Detroit and thinking about a number of issues and challenges which the city is facing, the concept of Counter Urbanisation strikes my mind. Town planners have a large role in developing the city and can suggest possible ways to prevent the out migration and save the city.


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