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The World in 2050:Global warming will benefit some regions

As worldwide population increases by 40 percent over the next 40 years, sparsely populated Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and the northern United States will become formidable economic powers and migration magnets, Laurence C. Smith writes in “The World in 2050: Four … Continue reading

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Penguin Populations Continue to Decline

Penguin biologists from around the world, who are gathered in Boston the week of September 6, warn that ten of the planet’s eighteen penguin species have experienced further serious population declines. The effects of climate change, overfishing, chronic oil pollution … Continue reading

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Big Bang Was Followed by Chaos

Seven years ago Northwestern University physicist Adilson E. Motter conjectured that the expansion of the universe at the time of the big bang was highly chaotic. Now he and a colleague have proven it using rigorous mathematical arguments.The study, published … Continue reading

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