Daily Archives: August 20, 2009

Kenya’s lions could vanish within 10 years

Kenya has been losing 100 lions a year for the past seven years, leaving the country with just 2000 of its famous big cats, says the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) — which concludes the country could have no wild lions … Continue reading

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Mekong Delta may be inundated

More than a third of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, where nearly half of the country’s rice is grown, will be submerged if sea levels rise by 1 meter (39 inches),  environment ministry predicted. A sea level increase of that … Continue reading

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Particles As Tracers For Milky Way’s Most Massive Explosions

Astronomers recently observed a mysterious flux of particles in the universe, and the hope was born that this may be the first observation of the remnants of “dark matter”.Several independent studies recently discovered a mysterious flux of electrons and positrons … Continue reading

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