ISRO to launch satellites for US

BENGALURU: India will be able to launch smaller satellites for United States into space by indigenously developed rockets at one third of the cost charged by American firms. This is one of the significant feature of the space agreement signed with the US during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Delhi.”Space cooperation with the US has been the agenda of the government. The pact will enable US made satellites or with components of US to be launched from India,” Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman Madhavan Nair said.ISRO offers satellite launching services for global customers at cost-effective price. India expects to bring down the cost of sending a satellite to space by half through its heavier rocket GSLV-MKIII, which will be ready by 2010. Source :

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1 Response to ISRO to launch satellites for US

  1. goerge says:

    ISRO Chief Mr.Nair is BIG fraud. First remove from ISRO and reveal the launching secret to public. MOON mission was 100% technological failure. howmany of poor indians knowing it.


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