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Yashada will undertake GIS mapping of all districts

Pune, India: The Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (Yashada) will map all the districts in the state using the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. According to the director general of Yashada, V Ramani, the mapping of all districts would … Continue reading

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Space technology to develop agro ecosystem in India

India has made significant progress in space technology which is also used in various fields such as like defense, medicine, agriculture, water conservation and weather forecasting. Satellite sensors provide valuable database to arrive at suitable decisions in maintaining productive capabilities … Continue reading

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Primitive Asteroids In Main Asteroid Belt May Have Formed Far From The Sun

According to an international team of astronomers led by scientists from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) many of the objects found today in the asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter may have formed in the outermost reaches … Continue reading

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New Advances in Geothermal Energy

In addition to being a clean energy source without any greenhouse gas emissions, geothermal is  dependable source of power.A new method for capturing significantly more heat from low-temperature geothermal resources holds promise for generating almost pollution-free electrical energy. The approach … Continue reading

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