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Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Linked To Ozone Hole

Increased growth in Antarctic sea ice during the past 30 years is a result of changing weather patterns caused by the ozone hole, according to new research.Reporting in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and … Continue reading

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Solar Power: New SunCatcher Power System Ready For Commercial Production In 2010

Stirling Energy Systems (SES) and Tessera Solar recently unveiled four newly designed solar power collection dishes at Sandia National Laboratories’ National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF). Called SunCatchers™, the new dishes have a refined design that will be used in … Continue reading

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Space Weather

What are we talking about when we describe the weather on Earth? We usually think of temperature, the speed and direction of the wind, air pressure, whether rain or snow is falling…Basically, when we say “weather” we mean conditions in … Continue reading

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Faults and earthquakes in China monitored from space

Western China is in a very seismically active area and has had many catastrophic earthquakes during its history. A joint European-Chinese team is using satellite radar data to monitor ground deformation across major continental faults in China to understand better … Continue reading

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