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Volcanic Landscapes

Calderas Caldearas are more or less circular depressions surrounded by steep cliffs. Calderas form when a magma chamber spews out its magma, and the mountain above it collapses. Shield volcanoes are born from multiple vents that emit flowing (not exploding) … Continue reading

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Himalayan glaciers ‘melting fast’

Melting glaciers in the Himalayas could lead to water shortages for hundreds of millions of people, the conservation group WWF has claimed. In a report, the WWF says India, China and Nepal could experience floods followed by droughts in coming … Continue reading

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Varsity gets user-friendly digital map from students

Vadodara: With the creative efforts of students of MSU’s department of geography, the university has got its first digital map showing various faculties and locations of the MSU campus. The campus of MSU includes various faculties and departments scattered at … Continue reading

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GIS map to identify vulnerable polling booths

KRISHNAGAR, West Bengal, India: Even as police launched a massive crackdown on anti-social elements in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the Nadia district administration, perhaps for the first time, has come up with a GIS map to identify … Continue reading

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