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Ancient Ecosystem Discovered Beneath Antarctic Glacier

Scientists have found life in an ecosystem trapped underneath a glacier in Antarctica for nearly 2 million years. The microbes, they suggest, are surviving the dark, oxygen-free waters by drawing energy from sulfur and iron. The findings provide insight into … Continue reading

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Forests could become source of warming

  The world’s forests are at risk of becoming a source of planet-warming emissions instead of soaking them up like a sponge unless greenhouse gases are controlled, scientists said.   Deforestation emits 20 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide when … Continue reading

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Biomass energy ‘could be harmful’

Biomass power – such as burning wood for energy – could do more harm than good in the battle to reduce greenhouse gases, UK’s Environment Agency warns. Ploughing up pasture to plant energy crops could produce more CO2 by 2030 … Continue reading

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GeoSpatial Experts to sell GPS-enabled Nikon camera

USA: GeoSpatial Experts, developer of the GPS-Photo Link photo mapping software, has been selected by Nikon USA to sell the new GPS-enabled COOLPIX P6000 digital camera. GeoSpatial Experts is offering the Nikon camera bundled with its GPS-Photo Link Express software … Continue reading

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