ISRO,India Plans Satellite to Aid Sea Fishing

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has planned to launch OceanSat-II with a view to help sea fishing. It has also decided to launch a number of satellites in 2009 to help agriculture production.

According to an ISRO official, “The OceanSat-II will have better capabilities than the OceanSat-I launched in 1999. The OceanSat-II will have two instruments – ocean colour monitor and scatterometre. The ocean colour monitor would detect the colour of the ocean indicated by phytoplankton (marine organisms including fishes). This information will aid in fishing. The scatterometre will study the interaction between ocean and atmosphere, sea surface temperature, wave height and this information will help the weathermen in forecasting the weather.”

The OceanSat-I launched earlier in May 1999 also has an instrument for monitoring ocean colour and a multi-frequency scanning microwave. The OceanSat-I has been giving information for aiding fishing in the sea fishing zones.

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  1. I am dont fishing in sea, bud it’s good.


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